PopStar Popcorn Program
Butter Them Up
Whether you’re a theater looking to boost concession sales, a retail store wanting to reward patrons with a complimentary treat or a school seeking a nutritious snack for students, PopStar theater style popcorn is the perfect answer. A healthy, buttery flavor that’s a guilt-free guilty pleasure.
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PopStar Popcorn Program

Tender. Flavorful. Special. PopStar combines tender, raw popcorn, heart-healthy oil and super fine popcorn salt for a premium, top-of-the-line product—without a top-of-the-line price.

At Popcorn County USA, we’ve invested years of research into developing a unique hybrid seed that pops up tender and delicious. Our popcorn is then popped with PopStar popping oil for the best possible taste and a rich, natural, buttery flavor (far more appealing than coconut oil). PopStar is the healthiest popcorn oil and topping around—zero cholesterol, zero trans fat and less than ten percent saturated fat. That’s 80 percent less saturated fat than coconut oil.

What’s more, there’s absolutely no strange oil smell or taste. Absolutely no clogged lines. No solid buckets of oil to preheat. And no irritating smoke or grease, which can come from extreme kettle heat. Instead, you get only a rich, creamy, buttery taste and an irresistible aroma that will fill your lobbies, cafeterias and stores, enticing everyone within smelling distance.

Finally, the popcorn is topped with a salt specifically chosen to bring out PopStar’s naturally superior taste characteristics—without any of the harsh, biting taste associated with other types of salt. It dissolves quickly and features exclusive flake technology for ideal kernel adhesion.

Whether you’re a theater, school, bank, retail store or non-profit organization, our PopStar Popcorn Program is a delicious way to thank or reward customers, clients, students and guests.

Popcorn Machines
Need a commercial popcorn machine? We have a close relationship with C. Cretors & Co., the industry-leading popcorn machine and concessions company with more than 120 years of experience. Just let us know your popping needs, and we can help get you set up with the perfect machine.

Customized Popcorn Bags
We can also customize popcorn bags with your logo, so you can make a delicious impression.
Learn more about our commercial popcorn machines, customized bags and how our PopStar Popcorn Program can work for you.Contact Us
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