Our Story
Our Field of Dreams
Greetings from Popcorn County USA. Where the summer
days are hot, the fields are lush and the popcorn grows up
tender and delicious.
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Popping Up Proud

For more than twenty years, weíve grown, processed and distributed our premium popcorn from the North Loup River Valley to homes and businesses around the world. And time and time again, one thing pops true. People love Popcorn County.

Maybe itís our underground water for irrigation. Or our flat, fertile plains. Or our dedication to this tender, delicious crop. But to our 339 citizens in North Loup, Nebraska, popcorn is our lifeóand has been for well over a century. Our annual Popcorn Days, held in late August, is one of the longest-running festivals west of the Mississippi. We even have a Popcorn Queen. So stop by sometime and say hi. Thereís all the free popcorn you can eat just waiting for you.
Need assistance? Call 308-496-4781, 800-445-2868, or email us info@popcorncounty.com .